Airbus AS350 helicopter


Opening a New World of Safety

After decades of delivering world-class fuel tanks – produced adhering to strict military standards – Robertson is adding a new family of crash-resistant fuel systems for civil operators, opening up a new world of safety for the global civil rotorcraft community.

The Robertson team is proud to be working cooperatively with Vector Aerospace Corporation to develop and certify a new Crash-Resistant Fuel Tank (CRFT) for AS350B and variants B1, B2, B3, BA, D & B4 (EC-130) helicopters. The direct replacement tank incorporates multiple safety enhancements and increased fuel capacity.

Vector Aerospace is a dynamic, capable, industry-leading organization with a reputation for excellence and integrity. The combination of Vector Aerospace’s FAA certification expertise and Robertson’s leadership developing survivable auxiliary fuel tanks for military helicopters is a powerful collaboration that will bring an important new safety-enhancing product to the civilian helicopter market.

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Soon, Robertson will be offering fuel system solutions for an increasing number of rotorcraft types from all manufacturers. New civil systems will enable operators to:

  • Retrofit and modernize their fleets to get longer life from their aircraft
  • Meet future federal mandates for increased crashworthy safety
  • Extend ranges of operation while reducing the risk of post-crash fires, fatalities and collateral damage


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Crash Resistant Fuel Tank (CRFT)
Crashworthy Fuel System (CWFS)


With the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) taking a stronger stance on the need for survivable fuel systems for civil aircraft, new, stricter regulations could be imposed in the near future. These potential regulations could ground older helicopters that aren’t properly modernized with effective crash-resistant fuel systems. The NTSB is now urging the FAA to require crash-resistant fuel systems for all new helicopters. Robertson is committed to providing operators with optimal crash-resistant fuel storage options that keep their aircraft flying.

As the world leader in fuel containment and ballistic tolerance, we’re confident that our AS350 Crash-Resistant Fuel Tank will effectively meet any federal requirement for operation. Crash-survivable options for operators of other aircraft will be available in the near future.

We’re committed to making flying safer, regardless of what type of rotorcraft you fly.